2 years warranty on all A.Z. Meisterteile spare parts.

The A.Z. Meisterteile's aim is to market only those products that car owners and professional users, i.e. garages, can trust.

A.Z. Meisterteile is based on trust!

The A.Z. Meisterteile always puts innovation and reliable quality first, so they only purchase products for this brand directly from manufacturers they have verified to be of the highest quality, ensuring their partners get the best value for money.

Mint tudjuk, hogy a műszaki termékek a legnagyobb gondosság ellenére is elromolhatnak. A prime example is the space shuttle, designed by mankind's best engineers and scientists, assembled with the greatest care, and with the most prestigious manufacturers taking the greatest care in the production of its components. And yet it crashed, due to the failure of a tiny gasket, dozens of which are found in everyday cars. If a space shuttle could have a faulty part, it can obviously happen to an ordinary vehicle.

To prevent a faulty part from causing problems, the A.Z. Meisterteile parts are covered by a two-year warranty, which is unique in the spare parts industry. To ensure that warranty handling does not take the usual 30-60 or even 90 days standard for other brands, our brand will respond to any warranty claim in its own testing laboratory within a maximum of three days.