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BMW has changed the test requirements for the LL-01 and LL-04 approvals in 2019. Approvals issued before 2019 are identified by "<2019" and approvals issued since 2019 are identified by ">2019". From 2019, engine tests are carried out on turbocharged engines.



Product information

Even though the MT-8V 5W-30 has been developed primarily to meet the specific requirements of the Volkswagen Group's extended service cycle models produced from 2000 onwards, it can also be used in a wide range of the most modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

The use of a special additive package with a medium sulfur and phosphorus content (mid SAPS) is an effective way to extend the service life of particulate filters (DPFs).
Suitable for service cycles up to 40,000 km when used in accordance with factory specifications.

  • Critical parts of the engine (valves, ring grooves, etc.) remain intact during extended service cycles.
  • It provides a high level of protection against abrasion.
  • Long life of catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter.
  • Reduces engine oil consumption and lowers emissions.
  • The high viscosity index allows the oil to maintain its favorable viscosity values throughout the whole service cycle.
  • Guarantees a smooth cold start even in the harshest cold.

Engine oil

Cars are not just part of our everyday lives, for many of us they are a passion. To enjoy your passion uninterrupted, your engine deserves the best care. This was the basic idea behind creating the A.Z. Meisterteile lubricants, which are an excellent representation of the German technical knowledge and creativity that is well known in the industry. Even in extreme conditions, our lubricants provide impeccable protection against wear and deposits on your car. Thanks to their innovative technology and formulation, you can be sure that your car will be ready to go whenever you are, even in the bitter cold or the summer heat.

In the engine oils range of A.Z Meisterteile you can find the optimum solution for all engine types from engines with long mileage and years of service, through particulate filter engines, to state-of-the-art hybrid systems. During the developments we not only thought about passenger cars: our range also includes essential lubricants for work machines, agricultural machinery used from dawn till dusk, and utility vehicles that serve thousands of kilometers.

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